OPay ATM card | How do I get an OPay card?

By | May 6, 2023

OPay ATM card – Opay, the most prominent online marketplace for financial services in Nigeria, has collaborated with Verve, the most prominent provider of payment cards and digital tokens in Africa, to launch the OPay ATM Instant Debit Card. This move was made in order to facilitate the simplification of financial transactions and the broadening of access to financial services across the country.

OPay will leverage its agent network for the issuance and distribution of instant debit cards. OPay’s agent network includes over 500,000 agents located across Nigeria. Because the instant debit card will be directly linked to the wallets of its users, the process of making payments for goods and services will be simplified and made more convenient.

All OPay customers now have the ability to pay directly from their wallets for goods and services. The new Instant Debit Card can be used anywhere Verve is accepted, including point-of-sale terminals, automated teller machines, supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, and online retailers. LearnĀ How to Start a POS Business in Nigeria in 2023.

What are the steps to getting an OPay ATM card?

The steps below can be followed in order to obtain an OPay card:

1. Obtain the OPay app from the App Store or Google Play and install it on your mobile device.
2. Create an account and confirm your identity by providing some personal information.
3. Navigate to the app’s “Cards” menu by clicking on it.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting the “Apply for a Card” option.

What advantages does having an OPay card give you?

The following is a list of the advantages of having an OPay card:

1. Transactions that don’t require cash: If you have an OPay card, you can pay for things without having to pull out cash.
2. Convenience: The OPay card can be used to make payments at a variety of retail locations, as well as online platforms and automated teller machines.
3. Protection from Fraud and Unauthorized Transactions: The OPay card is equipped with security features that shield you from potential instances of fraud and unauthorized transactions.
4. Access to loans: If you have an OPay card, you might be able to apply for a loan through OPay or one of its partners.

Can I use my OPay card to make purchases outside of the Nigeria?

OPay cards are not currently capable of being used for transactions outside of Nigeria because their primary purpose is to be used within the country of Nigeria. See Step-by-Step Guide: How to Borrow Airtime from Airtel in Nigeria in 2023

What is the cost of getting an OPay ATM card?

OPay Verve Card is FREE. OPay provides a selection of cards, each of which has its own unique limits and benefits. You can get the most up-to-date pricing information by consulting either the OPay app or website.

How do I get an OPay card?

You can apply for an OPay card via the OPay app or at select OPay agents, where you can then immediately receive a card. You will not be charged a maintenance fee and will receive 10 free ATM withdrawals each month. Every new user will receive an incredible bonus just for signing up, and existing users will receive cashback on every airtime and data recharge they make.

Can OPay card be used on ATM?

The Opay debit card is a Visa card that was introduced by Opay in 2021. With this card, you are able to conduct transactions at POS terminals, online, and at ATMs. You will be able to make cash withdrawals using the Opay debit card, and you will also earn cashbacks on the purchases you make using the card.

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