How to Apply for NIHORT Recruitment 2023

By | May 16, 2023

NIHORT Recruitment 2023 – Applicants can now submit their online applications for the 2023 NIHORT recruitment process through the designated registration website, the NIHORT recruitment portal at

Only interested and qualified candidates should initiate their application process on the official NIHORT recruitment portal at If you are interested in NIHORT recruitment for the year 2023, please take note of the requirements listed below.


The National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT) is a federal agency responsible for fulfilling its obligations within the country. Established in 1974, NIHORT has been the premier institution for horticulture research. It is committed to delivering top-notch research information for all horticulture products and their derivatives and to managing their import and export.

Because their work is so specialized and delicate, NIHORT consistently aspires to hire the top applicants.. The following qualities are considered during the selection process:

1. Meeting all educational criteria relevant to the position being offered.
2. Having prior experience, especially in working for a large farm, factory, or food manufacturing business, increases the chances of being hired.

Entry Requirements for NIHORT Recruitment 2023

To be eligible for the current National Horticultural Research Institute recruitment in 2023, all applicants must be naturalized Nigerian citizens. Candidates should ideally have an HND, B.Sc., or OND in a related field from a recognized institution.

Candidates must have passed the General Certificate Examination (GCE), West African Examination Council Certificate (WAEC), and National Examination Council (NECO) with a minimum of five credits in no more than two sittings. An additional credit in English is required. Candidates should ideally have an HND, B.Sc., or OND in a related field from a recognized institution.

A valid form of identification, such as a voter card, driver’s license, passport, or national identity card, is also required for all candidates.

Before submitting an application for a job with the National Horticultural Research Institute, you must fulfill these requirements. To ensure a successful application for NIHORT Recruitment 2023, only proceed to apply if you are convinced that you are eligible for the NIHORT Recruitment 2023. Follow the comprehensive instructions provided below.

How to Successfully Apply for NIHORT Recruitment 2023

If you’re interested in applying for the NIHORT (National Horticultural Research Institute) recruitment in 2023, follow the step-by-step instructions below to ensure a successful application process.

1. Visit the Official NIHORT Registration Website

To begin your application, visit the official NIHORT registration website at This is the designated platform where all applications for the recruitment drive will be processed.

2. Access the Career Page

Once you are on the NIHORT website, navigate to the Career page. This page provides detailed information about the available job vacancies and guides you through the application process.

3. Create an Account

To apply for a job with NIHORT, you need to create an account using your email address. Click on the registration link and follow the prompts to set up your account. Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information during the registration process.

4. Select a Job Slot

After creating your account, browse through the list of available job vacancies. Take your time to review the job descriptions, requirements, and responsibilities associated with each position. Select the job slot that aligns with your qualifications and career goals.

5. Review Job Details

Click on the selected job slot to access more detailed information about the position. Read through the job description, responsibilities, qualifications, and any other requirements provided. Understanding the expectations of the role will help you tailor your application accordingly.

6. Read and Understand Instructions

Carefully read and understand the instructions provided for the selected position. Pay close attention to any specific requirements, such as the format of the documents to be submitted or additional forms that need to be filled out. Following these instructions accurately is crucial to a successful application.

7. Prepare the Required Documents

Gather all the required credentials and information as specified in the job description. This may include your CV, educational certificates, professional certifications, identification documents, and any other supporting documents. Ensure that these documents are readily available and properly organized for easy submission.

8. Submit the Application

Return to your account dashboard and verify that all the necessary documents and details are in order. Fill out the application form accurately, providing the requested information and uploading the required documents. Double-check for any errors or omissions before proceeding to the next step.

9. Review and Verify

Before finalizing your submission, take the time to review your application thoroughly. Ensure that all the information provided is accurate, complete, and free of any typographical errors. Make any necessary edits or revisions to improve the overall quality of your application.

10. Final Submission

Once you are satisfied with your application, click on the submit button to officially submit it for review. By doing so, you signal your interest in joining the NIHORT team and allow the recruitment team to consider your candidacy.

After submitting your application, the NIHORT recruitment team will carefully review all received applications. They will shortlist candidates who meet the specified criteria for the next stage of the recruitment process.

Successful candidates will be invited to participate in a screening test. This test helps assess the suitability of applicants for the vacant positions. You will receive an email notification regarding the screening test date, time, and location. Ensure that the email address you provided during the registration process is active and regularly checked to receive important updates.

In conclusion, by following these step-by-step instructions, you can successfully apply for the NIHORT recruitment in 2023. It is essential to pay close attention to the details, submit all required documents, and adhere to the provided instructions. Stay proactive and monitor your email regularly for updates throughout the recruitment process. Best of luck with your application!

Note: Make sure to regularly check your email for updates and notifications from NIHORT throughout the recruitment process. Good luck with your application.

Conclusion on NIHORT Recruitment Registration 2023

Our website regularly posts updates regarding the National Horticultural Research Institute’s hiring processes. We recommend bookmarking this page and checking it frequently to stay updated and avoid missing any important information.

If you have any questions regarding the NIHORT recruitment 2023 registration, please leave a comment below this page, and we will respond to you promptly.

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