Zesco Toll Free Line Whatsapp Number: Stay Connected with Zesco

By | April 21, 2023

Zesco Toll Free Line Whatsapp Number Zesco is the leading provider of electricity in Zambia, powering millions of homes and businesses across the country. As a customer-focused company, Zesco is committed to providing excellent service to its customers, including a dedicated toll-free line and Whatsapp number for instant support.

In this article, we will discuss how to get in touch with Zesco using their toll-free line and Whatsapp number. We’ll also provide valuable information about other Zesco services and opportunities.

Get in Touch with Zesco Customer Support

1. Zesco Toll Free Line

Zesco offers a toll-free line to its customers for any inquiries or issues related to their services. Simply dial +2600211363636 from your mobile phone, and you’ll be connected to a Zesco customer service representative.

2. Zesco Toll Free Line Whatsapp Number

To make it even easier for customers to get in touch, Zesco has introduced a Whatsapp number for customer support. Add the number +260762626977 to your contact list and send a message on Whatsapp for quick assistance.

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Other Zesco Services and Opportunities

Zesco doesn’t just provide power; they also offer a range of services and opportunities for individuals seeking employment or business growth. Here are some useful resources for those interested in exploring more about Zesco:

Explore Financial Services in Zambia

While Zesco is focused on providing reliable electricity, there are many financial services available in Zambia to help you manage your money and grow your wealth. Some of these services include:

Stay connected with Zesco through their toll-free line and Whatsapp number, and explore the various opportunities available to you in Zambia. Whether you’re seeking employment, financial services, or simply looking for reliable electricity, Zambia has much to offer.

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