How to Deposit Using Mobile Money on Yellow Card in Zambia

By | April 15, 2023

How to Deposit Using Mobile Money on Yellow Card in Zambia – Are you looking for a convenient and secure way to deposit funds into your Yellow Card account in Zambia? Look no further! In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of depositing using mobile money on a Yellow Card in Zambia.

Step 1: Install the My Airtel App

Before starting, ensure that you have the My Airtel app installed on your smartphone.

Step 2: Access Your Yellow Card Account

Navigate to the Yellow Card Hub and log into your account.

Step 3: Initiate a Deposit

Click on the “Deposit” button. While mobile money isn’t listed, we will be using it indirectly for this process.

Step 4: Choose the Deposit Amount

Select the amount you would like to deposit, keeping in mind that the minimum deposit is 100 Zambian Kwacha. Click on “Continue” to proceed.

Step 5: Confirm Your Deposit

Review the transaction details and confirm the amount. Take note of the bank account details provided, as you will need them later.

Step 6: Open the My Airtel App

Launch the My Airtel app on your smartphone and enter your Airtel Money PIN to access your wallet.

Step 7: Send Money

Click on the “Send Money” option, then select “Banks” from the list. Locate and choose Stanbic Bank from the available options.

Step 8: Enter Beneficiary Details

Input the beneficiary name as “Yellow Card Services Zambia” and provide the account number you obtained from your Yellow Card account.

Step 9: Enter Additional Information

In the “Comments” section, input your mobile number, which will serve as the transaction reference. The amount you want to deposit should be entered as well.

Step 10: Provide Your Phone Number

Since the Yellow Card mobile number is unknown, input your own phone number as the beneficiary mobile number.

Step 11: Confirm and Complete the Transaction

Double-check all the details before confirming the transaction. Enter your Airtel Money PIN when prompted to finalize the process.

Step 12: Wait for Confirmation

The transaction should be successful, and you will receive an SMS notification. The deposit can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to appear in your Yellow Card account.

By following these steps, you can easily deposit funds into your Yellow Card account using mobile money in Zambia. If you’re interested in learning about other financial services in Zambia, check out our articles on borrowing money from HiLoan Zambia and the best loans in Zambia without collateral. Don’t forget to explore our comprehensive guides on creating a PayPal account in Zambia and contacting DStv Zambia customer care for more helpful tips and information.

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