How to Check Your BVN Without Airtime 2023

By | March 30, 2023

How to Check Your BVN Without Airtime – BVN, which stands for “Bank Verification Number,” is a CBN program that was put into place in 2014 to help banks in Nigeria manage their customers’ identities. So, if you are over the age of 18 and want to have a bank account in Nigeria, you need a BVN. If you want to find out your BVN but don’t have enough airtime to use *565*0#, which costs NGN20, keep reading this article to find out how.

How to Check Your BVN Without Airtime

Below, we will talk about how to check your BVN without airtime:

Use the unique short code for your bank.
Most Nigerian banks and mobile phone companies have a single number you can call to get your BVN. This one-of-a-kind code is *565*0#, but it costs a flat NGN20. But since this article is about how to check your BVN without airtime, let’s use the USSD code for your bank as an alternative. But you should know that not all Nigerian banks give their customers the chance to use their unique shortcode to check for BVN right now. Customers of Keystone Bank, Fidelity Bank, and Guaranty Trust Bank are the only ones who can use their USSD to check their BVN number. However, a small amount would be taken from the customer’s account balance. So, if you have an account with one of these three banks in Nigeria, keep reading to find out how easy it is to get your BVN back.

How to use your bank’s USSD to check your BVN:

Keystone Bank USSD Code to Check BVN

  • Dial *7111#
  • Choose 6 (or BVN)
  • You will be asked to put in the password you use to do business.
  • Your Bank Verification Number will be sent to you right away in a text message (BVN). This service will cost you NGN10.75, which will be taken out of your bank account.

Fidelity Bank USSD Code to Check BVN

  • Dial *770#
  • Choose 9 (or next)
  • When the next list of options comes up, choose 6 (Get Account No/BVN/NIN).
  • Type in the password
  • Your Account Number, BVN, and NIN would show up on your screen right away. This will cost you NGN20, which will be debited from the money you have left.

GTB USSD Code to Check BVN

  • Dial *737*6*1#
  • Follow the steps that will be given to you.
  • You will receive your BVN right away. You would see how much would be taken out of your available balance before you finished the process.

Polaris Bank customers can do much with *833# Polaris Bank Transfer Code


People who have already signed up for online banking with their banks can use this option to check their BVN without using airtime. You should also have enough data on your phone or access to a broadband internet connection and have signed up for online banking. Now, every bank in Nigeria has a mobile banking app that lets customers do transactions and other services easily, as long as the app is installed on the customer’s device. If you wish to start a business learn How to Start a POS Business in Nigeria in 2023 , If you are in Zambia you should know What business you start with k500 in zambia.

If you have an Android device, go to Google Play Store, search for the name of your bank’s mobile app, and install it on your phone. If you have an iOS device, all you have to do to get your bank’s app is going to the Apple Store. After you’ve successfully installed the app on your device, log into it and click the app’s menu. Depending on how your bank’s mobile app is set up, you may be able to find the BVN tab in the menu or you may have to look for it in another place on the app.


If you don’t have airtime, you can also check your BVN by going to any of the banks where you have a bank account. Remember that your biometric information was recorded when you signed up for your BVN. So, to get your BVN, all you have to do is go to your bank office with a valid government-issued ID and tell them you need your BVN. You can use an international passport, driver’s license, national identity card, or voter’s card to prove who you are at the bank. After your identity has been confirmed, you would be asked to put your fingers on a biometric fingerprint reader. You might be asked to touch the device with one finger at a time. If everything checks out, you’ll get your BVN. You should keep your BVN in a place where it will be easy to find when you need it. This app seems one of the legit apps in Zambia, for digital financial solutions.

For some other bank mobile apps, you might have to look for an option to request a BVN, then fill out a form and send it when you’re sure the information you put in is correct. Your request may be accepted if you see an acknowledgment slip and a transaction ID on your screen. Now all you have to do is wait for your BVN to be sent to you. Most of the time, it’s within 24 hours.


Before BVN was used in Nigeria, the banking industry in Nigeria was worried about how to keep track of people’s identities. As told by the Central Bank of Nigeria, everyone with a bank account in Nigeria must sign up to get a unique Bank Verification Number (BVN) that must be linked to all of their other bank accounts in Nigeria. If you have more than one account and haven’t linked all of them to your BVN, you can go to your bank’s website or look online to find out how to link your BVN to the accounts you haven’t linked yet.

Here are some important things about BVN:

  • Offers more security to people with bank accounts in Nigerian banks.
  • Helps cut down on identity theft
  • and checks the identity of each bank’s customer for KYC purposes.
  • Boosts the efficiency of how banks work.
  • Increases the chance that banks will catch customers on a blacklist
  • Helps to set up responsibility
  • Gives customers access to credit facilities in the future.

FAQ about How to Check Your BVN Without Airtime

  1. What is BVN?

BVN stands for Bank Verification Number. It is a unique 11-digit number assigned to individuals by the Central Bank of Nigeria to enhance the security of banking transactions and reduce fraud. It is linked to an individual’s bank accounts and serves as a means of identification across all banks in Nigeria.

  1. Can I check my BVN without airtime using Google Search?

No, you cannot check your BVN directly through Google Search. However, you can find information on how to check your BVN without airtime on the internet using Google Search. The actual process of checking your BVN will require you to use a specific USSD code on your mobile phone, which does not require airtime.

  1. How can I check my BVN without airtime?

To check your BVN without airtime, simply dial 5650# on the mobile phone number linked to your bank account. This is a USSD code that does not require airtime to work. After dialing the code, your BVN will be displayed on your phone screen.

  1. Do I need an internet connection to check my BVN?

No, you don’t need an internet connection to check your BVN using the USSD code 5650#. This method works without an internet connection and airtime.

  1. Is it safe to share my BVN?

While your BVN is meant to improve the security of your banking transactions, you should only share it with trusted and authorized individuals or entities such as your bank. Avoid sharing your BVN with strangers or unverified sources to minimize the risk of fraud.

  1. Can I check my BVN on any mobile network?

Yes, the USSD code 5650# for checking BVN works on all major mobile networks in Nigeria, such as MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile.

  1. Can I link multiple bank accounts to my BVN?

Yes, you can link multiple bank accounts to a single BVN. The BVN is meant to serve as a universal identification number for an individual across all banks in Nigeria. To link your BVN to other bank accounts, visit the respective banks and provide your BVN and necessary identification documents.

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